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Posie Graeme-Evans – The Island House

From the internationally bestselling author of The Dressmaker comes an unforgettable novel about a young archaeologist who unearths ancient secrets, a tragic romance, and Viking treasure on a remote Scottish island. One warm, rainy summer,…

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Michelle de Kretser – Questions of Travel

A mesmerising literary novel, Questions of Travel charts two very different lives. Laura travels the world before returning to Sydney, where she works for a publisher of travel guides. Ravi dreams of being a tourist…

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Courtney Collins – The Burial

It is the dawn of the twentieth century in Australia and a woman has done an unspeakable thing.   Twenty-two-year-old Jessie has served a two-year sentence for horse rustling. As a condition of…

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Stuart Littlemore – Harry Curry: The Murder Book

  A brilliant new instalment in the compelling series that rivals Rumpole and Rake The renegade barrister Harry Curry and his elegant partner, Arabella Engineer, return with more thrilling spanner-in-the-works criminal trials, every…

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Meg Mason – Say It Again in a Nice Voice

  ‘Mothers. Those women with purses the size of meat trays that hold an entire deck of school portrait photos and a chequebook, make a casserole without a recipe, make the tightest bed…

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Hannah Richell – The Secrets of the Tides

If you love a family saga with two very different sisters at its heart about coping with the aftermath of tragedy and how guilt can send ripples through lives in many different directions,…

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Peter Twohig – The Cartographer

Melbourne, 1959. An 11-year-old boy witnesses a murder as he spies through the window of a strange house. God, whom he no longer counts as a friend, obviously has a pretty screwed-up sense…

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